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The Last of Us showrunner is open to spin-offs

The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin isn’t opposed to making spin-offs of The Last of Us following the success of the original season. Of course, we also have Season 2 in the works, and it sounds like the crew’s going to cover the second game across multiple seasons.

While speaking to TheWrap, Mazin said he isn’t opposed to spin-offs in principle. It’s fair to say that focusing on two characters’ stories is the ideal way to play video games, building an entire world in a TV show is a different story. More has to be done and spin-offs are a good way to make that happen, though, it seems neither the showrunner nor co-creator Neil Druckmann have discussed the matter.

Mazin himself isn’t opposed to expanding the universe beyond Ellie and Joel’s story. Granted, the expectations of fans may cause an uproar as many would see any series beyond the main show to be nothing but filler content. But, hey, he doesn’t want to make just anything, he wants it to “make sense.”

Merle Dandridge, for example, wants to explore more into Ellie and her mother’s relationship if a sequel was to surface. It’s hard to imagine that HBO would want to let go of the series, as it’s been a huge hit, marking itself as the second-biggest launch for HBO in the last decade. As such, a spin-off wouldn’t be all too surprising.

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