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Ending Stranger Things “won’t be easy” for series star

Stranger Things

Steve Harrington actor Joe Keery has mixed feelings about Stranger Things ending after nearly a decade. The series will wrap up its fifth and final season, after that, a slew of spin-offs will keep the franchise alive.

During an interview with Women’s Wear Daily pre-SAG-AFTRA strike Keery talked about the series ending and how it “won’t be easy” when it happens. Basically, he attributes much of his successful career to the Netflix hit. That said, he also understands that it had to end eventually and that it does feel like the right time.

He capped it off by saying that all they can really do is hold onto the joy that they had while making it and soak in as much of that feeling as he can while they’re still making it.

Co-stars David Harbour and Millie Bobbie Brown share extensively different takes on the series ending. Harbour likened it to George Clooney leaping from his role in ER to cinema and shares Kerry’s bittersweet feelings. Meanwhile, Brown is a touch less somber and glad to see it end. While it’s been a huge part of her life and she doesn’t regret it, she wants to move on elsewhere to “blossom and flourish.”

The Netflix hit managed to capture a wide audience, with many taking up the rising Netflix costs just to watch the sci-fi drama. It’s fair to say that Netflix would probably be a different place if it weren’t for the series, which ends its main run next year.

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