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Full hour of content will be exclusive to Rebel Moon Director’s Cut

Rebel Moon

Highly regarded filmmaker Zack Snyder is raring to release the first part of his next sci-fi venture, Rebel Moon, with its Director’s Cut consisting of a whole hour of extra content. The filmmaker has somewhat managed to make Director’s Cuts his calling card in the industry. If he’s associated with a film, no doubt a separate version of the film may release later down the line.

Speaking with Tudum, a Netflix publication, Snyder, who has taken a step out of the superhero biz to work with the long-running streamer on a two-part epic space opera, spoke about just how much more content fans can expect when the two Director’s Cuts release. Apparently, there will be a full hour of new content found in the alt cut.

He goes on to thank Netflix as in the past cobbling up a Director’s Cut was akin to a bastard child that he had to fight for, as no one else on the crew really wanted it. With Netflix, though, they shot scenes exclusively for this special cut, making it somewhat unique for the filmmaker. Meanwhile, Snyder also still wants to release Sucker Punch’s cut, too, even as it passes over a decade.

Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire kicks off on Netflix on December 22.

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