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Rebel Moon was meant to be Star Wars

We’re only months away from Zack Snyder releasing his next sci-fi epic, Rebel Moon, which could’ve played out very differently. The movie stands tall, split into two different parts, complete with an eventual Director’s Cut full of an hour of extra content.

During an interview with Netflix’s Tudum, the filmmaker detailed the inspirations behind the idea of the film. Chief among those inspirations, though, was his love of “putting-the-team-together” type of movies. He even cracks a joke about needing a support group for team-building movies.

He explained that his dad would show him movies like The Dirty Dozen and The Magnificent Seven. The latter of which, stuck with him, leading to an interest in underdog stories, so much so that it was something he’d wanted to make since college. Unfortunately, it was put on the backburner, but hope wasn’t lost when briefly it had potential to be a Star Wars movie. Yup, Snyder could’ve directed a Star Wars flick.

In the end, after getting 2021’s Army of the Dead in post-production, he was out there pitching this film, a film that he’s wanted to create for a long time. And, as it turns out, Netflix bit, and on that day, Rebel Moon was born.

Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire lands on Netflix on December 22.

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