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These 3 Disney+ shows are getting physical releases

A trio of popular Disney+ series are getting physical releases, making them the firsts of the House of Mouse’s television library to go from streaming to physical. Movies like Turning Red and Soul both got physical releases, but were also meant — and did — release in theaters.

Disney+ Original powerhouses Loki, The Mandalorian, and WandaVision will all release special Blu-Ray Steelbook editions with collectible concept art cards and unique box art. According to Total Film, pre-orders will be available later this month.

Loki’s physical release tosses in some cool bonus features like a TVA orientation presented by Miss Minutes, voiced by Tara Strong, a blooper reel, two deleted scenes, and more.

This did come at a good time, as WandaVision was poised to be the first show to get a physical release, but it wasn’t quite as clear as some thought. It wasn’t properly licensed by Disney, instead it was created by independent Manta Lab, and contained no real disc of the show.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this was something Disney would do, as such practices continue in the games industry space, but the movie and TV industries are entirely different beasts, and most people expect some form of disc when they buy a movie in-store.

Pre-orders open up on August 28. Loki Season 1 comes first, releasing on September 26, just ahead of Season 2’s October launch. WandaVision then follows it up on November 28, and finally The Mandelorian’s two season will be available right in time for the holidays on December 12.

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