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Blue Beetle runtime revealed

Blue Beetle

As we inch ever closer to the launch of DC’s next major film, Blue Beetle, it seems the film’s runtime has been unveiled. It’s shorter than DC’s previous two films, clocking in at two hours and seven minutes.

Blue Beetle is three minutes shorter than Shazam! Fury of the Gods and 17 minutes shorter than The Flash. Though granted, it’s still a touch over two hours and will no doubt fare better than The Flash in some regards.

It’s hard to really say how this film will fare once it hits theaters thanks to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, which has grinded to a halt multiple films and TV shows since it started last week. Marvel’s Deadpool 3 and The Sandman are among the productions that have been stalled.

On top of production woes, actors cannot participate in press junkets, which can severely hinder a film’s ability to perform well at the box office. Blue Beetle star Xolo MaridueƱa is trying to mitigate this by pleading with fans to promote the film as best they can.

This film will not only be the first time this specific hero has his time in the limelight, but also the introduction into James Gunn’s MCU competitor — the DCU.

The DC film hits theaters on August 18.

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