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Deadpool 3 grinds to a halt

Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3’s production has stalled as the SAG-AFTRA strike begins. It’s among the first large-scale production to hit a snag thanks to this strike, which was unveiled earlier this week. This could put its May 3, 2024 release date in jeopardy.

This news — which was broken by Variety — may be disheartening to fans as only days ago, we got a first look at actor Ryan Reynolds donning the Merc with a Mouth’s costume beside Hugh Jackman in Wolverine’s classic yellow jumpsuit. Jennifer Garner was also slated to be featured in the film as Elektra following her stint as the character in 2003’s Daredevil and a standalone film in 2005.

Shawn Levy is director, reuniting the duo after releasing 2021’s Free Guy to stellar reviews from fans and critics alike.

While months ago, Deadpool 3 had a chance of coming to a halt thanks to the still ongoing WGA strike, it managed to push through, but the SAG-AFTRA strike is too strong with too many A-listers. There’s no telling when the strike will be over, but no doubt this is not going to be the only Hollywood blockbuster to hit a roadblock thanks to the strike, and it will no doubt make room for independent filmmakers to put their name out there while the strike blocks big names from taking center stage.

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