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PETA lobs animal abuse allegations at Gladiator 2 production

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — PETA — has accused director Ridley Scott and the rest of the crew of mistreating animals during the production of the upcoming Gladiator 2. Supposedly, whistleblower reports sent to the non-profit allege that a horse’s leg gave out during filming in Malta, supposedly due to the heat.

The letter, which was sent to Scott’s rep on June 30, cited the whistleblower report and demanded the production stop any plans to use primates or other wild animals. This allegation hits a snag as a report from LA Times cites an insider who says that no animals were injured during the production and that a certified animal safety rep is on set on behalf of the American Humane Society.

The org sent three total letters, with the last one urging star Pedro Pascal to stand by the organization and urge Scott not use live animals. Of course, the film is at a standstill thanks to the SAG-AFTRA strike, but hopefully, production will continue eventually.

Gladiator 2 is the sequel to Scott’s award-winning 2000 historical drama. A second film has been in the theoretical pipeline since 2001 but was riddled with false starts and unsure storylines. The film recently started filming with a release date late next year, though, if the strike goes on too long, that date very well may be pushed.

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