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Tron: Ares director forced to pause production

Director Joachim Rønning has revealed that he’s forced into pausing Tron: Ares’ production amid SAG-AFTRA strike. He is — naturally — frustrated as this has also left over 100 crew members out of the job.

At its core, this entry was — somewhat ironically — centered around AI and what it takes to be human. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Rønning expressed his disappointment on social media while also teasing the film’s main story.

Rønning expressed how filming was set to start, but with the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, it’s stalled the Disney project. He isn’t taking a hard stance against the work stoppage, though, at least publicly. He isn’t like Shazam! star Zachary Levi or Arrow lead Stephen Amell, both of which are rather fed up with the strictness of the strike.

It is bitter, though, as the director had to drop 150 crew members from staff as the film’s production enters an indefinite hiatus alongside the likes of Deadpool 3 and countless other big-budget Hollywood features.

Tron is one of those innately high-potential franchises that often doesn’t get the love and care it deserves. Tron: Ares stars controversial actor Jared Leto as Ares, a computer program that makes its way from the digital world to the real one before it is really ready to do so. Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne penned the script.

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