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Joker backer Bron declares bankruptcy

Bron Studios

In what some may see as out of the blue, Bron Studios, the Canadian finance and production studio that backed hits like Joker, Tar, Europhoia, The Willoughbys, and X, has filed for cross-border bankruptcy. This news does put the state of its ongoing projects in limbo.

CEO Aaron L. Gilbert issued a company memo (via Variety) expressing how this was not a decision taken lightly, rather this was in the company’s best interest as well as its stakeholders. The company will also be working with creditors, stakeholders, and Grant Thornton Limited with procedures it expects to be done by late fall.

While press is out of the question, so media outlets are left to their own devices about the major issues that bell the studio, it was cited that the pandemic was a huge contributor for its downturn over the last few years, meanwhile, the recent WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are only rubbing salt in the wound. Gilbert then finishes off by thanking people for their support and continued patience while they plan their restructure.

While this all may seem out of the blue, it also had the writing on the wall. Back in 2021, Hudson LP filed a lawsuit over unfulfilled obligations associated with four Bron titles — Bombshell, Capone, The Survivor, and Greyhound. The suit was to the tune of $14.3 million.

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