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No, Craig Mazin isn’t tied to Borderlands movie

Recent reports alleged that HBO’s The Last of Us showrunner, Craig Mazin, was working with Lionsgate on the upcoming Borderlands film as a co-writer. While such a project seems up his alley, what with it being linked to a video game and all, it appears this is yet another rumor that falls flat.

Mazin spoke with Variety, where he cleared the air. The Chernobyl writer isn’t working with Lionsgate, and the supposed use of a pseudonym is also false.

The initial news comes from World of Reel, which pointed out how Mazin’s name was snubbed from the film’s credits while having the writing credits split between director Eli Roth and newcomer Joe Crombie.

“I am not a credited writer on the film, so I cannot claim any kind of authorship of ‘Borderlands,’ much less ‘co-writing, I did see the report about the pseudonym, which is false. I did not use a pseudonym. If the name in question is indeed a pseudonym, all I can say is… it’s not mine.”

Mazin is coming down from the absolute high of a successful romp adapting another video game into an HBO hit series, The Last of Us. We’ll have to wait and see how the film will fare as it still feels like a film trapped in some stage of Production Hell.

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