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Superstore star confident it will be picked up again


NBC’s breakout workplace comedy, Superstore, bid farewell back in early 2021. Much like any other workplace comedy, it just couldn’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean all the people are against coming back.

Lauren Ash, the actress who played the rough and tough assistant store manager Dina, is particularly optimistic while reserving some skepticism due to the ongoing writer strike. For her, though, it’s not so much “will it happen” but how many years it will take before they get the call.

During her talk with Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, she talked about how she met up with former cast members and started taking bets. She did make sure to note that she can’t speak for anyone other than her, but she’s choosing to believe it’s true that it will happen one of these days and it will most likely happen with much of the original main cast.

If it doesn’t happen, though, Ash believes the show had a great run regardless. She was even confident in the show’s lasting power as early as when she read the pilot’s script, believing it would make it to seven seasons. Now, they did only release six so far, but she’s still counting on a reboot season to take place in the future.

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