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Disney’s Bob Iger extends CEO contract through 2026

Disney, Bob Iger

Disney chief executive officer Bob Iger extended his contract to remain the CEO through 2026. The intiial contract only solidified his reign until the end of 2024.

Granted, people expected he — or rather Disney — wasn’t going to part ways only for the company to end up in another potential Chepek situation.

In early 2020, Iger announced his departure from the CEO role, with former Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products exec Bob Chepek filling that void. Almost instantly, though, things spiraled out of control, and Disney was going down. While that might be related more to the pandemic rather than Chepek’s leadership, numbers matter to publicly traded media companies. Thus, in a surprising situation, Iger returned to his position in late 2022 with a binding contract of two years.

Since then, the two parties extended his reign, with Iger declaring that there’s “more to accomplish” and that he wants the company in a strong position before his successor takes the stage.

It’s hard to say who this successor may be, as we all know Disney will likely not make the same mistake again and choose a more well-suited candidate. Christine McCarthy was among those listed as possible replacements, but it seems unlikely as the former CFO has been named in a class-action lawsuit lobbed by shareholders over unlawful business practices. Not long after, she announced that she was stepping down from her position and stepping into an advisory role.

While this doesn’t disqualify her, the bad press might lead to some hesitation. With this new extension, Iger will remain in the CEO chair until December 31, 2026.

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