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Marvel silences Deadpool creator about the third film

Deadpool 3

It sounds like Marvel wants to be as tight-lipped as possible about the upcoming Deadpool 3. Though calling it “upcoming” is generous, considering the SAG-AFTRA strike’s taken a huge blow to the film’s production.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld attended San Diego Comic-Con (via Comicbook) where he spouted off about all his future projects while remaining seldom regarding the new Merc with a Mouth film. This isn’t so much because he wants to keep things a secret but rather more because Marvel demands it.

He goes as far as saying he’s gotten “the call” from the Disney-owned superhero company to keep his mouth shut. Heck, it sounds like Liefeld never even got the script, rather, he just got glimpses from what he’s directly in. It isn’t that shocking that Marvel wants things to be on the down-low, especially as production is stalled due to the strike.

Fans of the film shouldn’t have anything to fear, though, as it’s still a Deadpool film and will retain a lot of what made the character who he is. Despite the movie changing from a 20th Century Fox film to a full-on part of the MCU by Marvel Studios, it’s still a Deadpool movie, so it’ll still be a “hard R,” according to Karan Soni, who portrays Dopinder, per Comicbook.

Deadpool 3 is currently on track to release May 3, 2024, but we’ll have to wait and see if that date shifts.

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