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Invincible creator explains why Season 2 is split


After a lengthy production process, Invincible finally releases Season 2 to Prime Video. The catch is it’ll be in two parts, and while initially, we had no real clue why this was the case, creator Robert Kirkman has since stepped forward to shed some light on the subject.

According to an interview with Collider, ramping up the show’s production has taken longer than expected. While he didn’t go too deep into it, this wasn’t the only reason behind the break fans can expect before Season 2’s conclusion.

Kirkman also believes taking a break mid-season can also build up anticipation to the conclusion of a cliff-hanging plot point, as well as keeping the fans engaged, no doubt. To make his point, he pointed to The Walking Dead, which does the very same thing, taking a mid-season break to let people digest all that happened over the last half a season.

Invincible does return later this year for the first few episodes before taking a break and finishing up in 2024. Kirkman notes that some shows get lost in the fray when released so late into the year. With a November 3 release, the show has to keep in the public’s minds during some of the biggest holidays, which makes the idea of a pause in the story more appealing.

He pleads with fans to trust the process and that this pause will make some things “hit harder,” but we’ll have to wait until the show kicks off later this year to know exactly what he’s talking about.

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