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New LEGO movie taps Nee brothers

LEGO movie

Following a successful — for the most part — three outings, it seems Phil Lord and Chris Miller are passing on the torch of LEGO films to The Lost City’s Aaron and Adam Nee. This new movie will be a complete “reinvention” of the whole franchise as we know it.

According to Variety (via Comicbook), Universal tapped the duo for a five-year contract long before the SAG-AFTRA strike. The contract, which was inked in 2020, ensures the pair makes not just movies based on the yellow bricks, but also other series.

It’s hard to really know what Universal has in store, considering this will be its first outing as the new owners of LEGO film IP, having acquired it back in 2019. It is interesting that we still have no info on the movie, despite the fans longing for more LEGO content.

While it certainly isn’t surprising that Universal would appoint new directors under this new ownership, we also have to take this with a relatively sizable grain of salt. At this point, the Nee brothers haven’t confirmed the rumors, and for all we know, this is another Gargoyles situation.

That said, a movie that taps the same feeling of the original — being an animated film hybridized with live-action sequences — would be a good way to reintroduce people to Universal’s version of the LEGO films.

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