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The Dark Knight trilogy returns to theaters

The Dark Knight

Over a decade ago, Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight trilogy ended, but that doesn’t mean it was forgotten and is now coming to select theaters. The trilogy has been lauded as some of the best in the superhero film genre.

As reported by Collider, Showcase Cinemas are conducting showings of the trilogy on September 16 as part of Batman Day, a celebration of all things Batman and its subsequent nearly 85-year history. This is a one-day-only event and only in select cinemas, so if you’re looking to witness the flick on the big screen again, we’d recommend getting your tickets while you can.

Nolan’s adaptation of The Caped Crusader came in at the best possible time, as the film adaptation series was already well downhill after Batman & Robin, starring George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell as the namesake duo, flopped hard in 1997. Released in 2005, Batman Begins started the highly successful and lauded Batman trilogy that remains a staple to most any superhero fanatic’s movie collection.

Everything from this film was praised at one point, from the iconic Heath Ledger taking on the role of Batman’s nemesis, The Joker, to the hero himself, played by Christian Bale. We’re pretty sure if it weren’t for Nolan’s direction, these films would’ve ended up in the bin like the canceled sequel, which would’ve seen Nicolas Cage donning the role of Scarecrow.

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