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Amazon’s Fallout TV show releases next year

Amazon Studios’ Fallout TV show could be closer than you think. What with the SAG-AFTRA strike, it’s hard to tell if the show’s already past every hurdle associated to the strikes. It seems, though, it’s confident in a release next year.

Of course, we only say “closer than you think” as we really didn’t anticipate it gunning for 2024, though it’s not stupidly surprising. It might catch some off-guard. On top of the release window, though, we also got a glimpse into where the series will take place, and it looks like we’re headed to La-La Land.

Amazon released some promo material over on X, depicting the Bethesda-led franchise mascot, Vault Boy, in a ragged postcard that shows the city. It also says “Vault 33,” so we can expect either the protagonist or a companion hails from there. Considering this broad location is the most we have to go off of, Amazon has been pretty successful at keeping the wider plot under wraps.

Since the studio is promoting the series, we may get some first look or more promo art at the cap of the year, or perhaps at the beginning of next year. Only time will tell what they plan on doing with such an established game IP.

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