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The Office star Rainn Wilson unhappy on set

Being among the main cast of the hit cultural phenomenon that is The Office, particularly the more influential US version, 57-year-old actor Rainn Wilson dropped a bomb that most fans probably weren’t expecting — he wasn’t happy while on The Office set.

In an interview with Bill Maher’s Club Random, Wilson revealed that he wasn’t satisfied with what he had at the time. He was more focused on why he wasn’t “the next Jack Black” or the “next Will Ferrell.” Basically, he was wondering why he was working as a TV actor rather than a film superstar.

What made Wilson realize the impact the show had, more so than the Emmys he’d be nominated for on a near-yearly basis, was the fanbase declaring their love for the show and how it helped them through hard times.

Maher himself said he was a fan, and how it became “therapeutic” to him. Fans have also expressed similar feelings directed at Wilson both online and in-person.

The Office ran for nine seasons totaling 201 episodes. The show skyrocketed in popularity and has since become the poster child for NBC as a network as well as a selling point for its in-house streaming service — Peacock.

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