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American Horror Story presses forward despite industry-wide writer strike

American Horror Story

American Horror Story is pushing forward in the production phases for Season 12 despite the ongoing writer strike that has recently rocked and derailed tons of scripted television series. The FX scripted anthology remains a solid piece of the network’s identity since its debut over a decade ago.

According to a Variety report, the series is continuing its production and is slated to retain its near-yearly release schedule, which only missed a year due to heavy restrictions during the height of the pandemic. 

This report isn’t too shocking as Kim Kardashian of Kardashian fame has remained vocal about her involvement in this upcoming season as a co-lead alongside Emma Roberts. Many unions have urged the Ryan Murphy production to take a breather and stand in solidarity with fellow writers seeking to improve their working conditions and pay through this strike.

The strike, which started around two months ago, saw scripted television series without writers. This also extended to late night TV. It was the driving force behind the delay to the next season of Stranger Things.

While the show will continue as usual, Murphy’s baby here might attract more criticism than normal with these decisions not to stall production.

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