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The Flash sets sights on releasing to Max this month

DC Studios’ The Flash is hitting Max later this month. The streaming platform of choice shouldn’t be too shocking, as much of DC’s library heads to the platform after its debut in theaters.

The film is hitting the service on August 28, according to Collider. Of course, some might scoff at the film heading to Max, but that’s just the way it is. The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller, critically underperformed at the box office worldwide, leading to it being yet another failed DC film. The actor has kept their role in the DCU since 2016.

The film sees Barry Allen, played by Miller, feeling loss from years of his deceased mother’s inability to show him guidance. After realizing the full extent of his powers, he decides to go back in time and set in motion a chain of events to prevent his mother from meeting her untimely end. This doesn’t just do that, though, but rather causes a slew of alternate realities to open up.

Unfortunately, this film wasn’t a hit at the box office, despite a largely positive audience reception and favorable critic score. To make DC’s situation worse, The Flash was the follow-up film for Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which has gone on to confuse Zachary Levi about his future in the DCU.

At least those who aren’t theatergoers can sit back, relax, and wait for it to hit Max later this month.

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