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Original Beauty and the Beast returns to theaters

Beauty and the Beast

Disney is bringing a classic back to theaters. Ever since debuting Disney+, it was always up in the air whether or not the Vault truly existed in the corporate eyes anymore, and with this announcement, we’ve got our answer.

Disney’s 1991 animated classic Beauty and the Beast is returning to select theaters across the US from August 18 through August 31 for its 100-year anniversary, per Collider. It’s worth pointing out that, while yes, you can watch the movie on the streaming service in the comfort of your own home, there is some allure and nostalgia that can come from heading to the theaters.

Beauty and the Beast is among the most notable Disney Renaissance era films, also among some of the first modern Disney live-action adaptations, with 2017’s Bill Condon-led feature, which, like other adaptations, was met with mixed feelings. The classic, however, is pretty well beloved ranging from its masterful scores and musical numbers to its witty writing and critically acclaimed animation.

It’s probably no shock that this comes a quarter after Disney+ faced yet another dip in subscribers. Meanwhile, the big Mouse is launching its latest live-action adaptation to the service next month, and has slashed physical movie releases in select regions — Australia — likely due to the slight majority leaning toward streaming. Disney launching its beloved classic to theaters again is welcome, though.

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