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The Little Mermaid live-action hits Disney+ next month

The Little Mermaid

Live-action The Little Mermaid is hitting Disney+ next month. Its streaming release actually goes beyond the typical release window the Mouse tends to follow.

The live-action adaptation hit theaters on May 26, facing a mixed crowd of those excited for the movie, those who have Disney adaptation fatigue, and those who actively hate the choice of Halle Bailey as the leading protagonist. Granted, those last group haven’t really made a dent in the movie’s notoriety. It’s among the best-rated live-action adaptations on Rotten Tomatoes with a lower critic score of 67% and a stellar audience score of 94%.

Its release on Disney+ is on September 6, which, while not that far out compared to their usual timeframe, is 103 days after its theatrical launch. Disney usually waits 90 days before their movies make its way to its streaming service.

Extra content will come with its Disney+ launch including a song breakdown of Under the Sea and Javier Bardem’s Impossible Child performance.

It did have its shortcomings in theaters, falling $20 million shy of its opening weekend box office projections, partly due to the international box office — specifically China — having a lot less interest in a live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Despite being the fifth-best Memorial Day debut of all-time in the States, its giant $250 million budget makes the $564 million box office run seem rather… middling. Odds are, they broke even when accounting for marketing and stuff, but Disney never just wants to break even — it wants a lot of profit.

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