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Dune: Part 2 delayed into next year

Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two has ultimately shifted gears, gunning for a release in early 2024 instead of later this year. The reveal isn’t shocking, but is disappointing for people ready to jump back into the Denis Villeneuve-led franchise.

Per Deadline, the delay is a result of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, putting a stop to many big Hollywood productions. Initially, Dune: Part Two was set to make way to theaters on November 3 but with the strike, it’s not as clear cut. Of course, many saw this coming, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t sour to hear for fans.

Collider notes this decision to delay between Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment was largely due to rules against actors taking part in press junkets, which are often big ways studios push their movies out there to the public. Villeneuve’s sequel entry could net a lot of attention based on its star-studded cast and prior hit. You just need to look over at Blue Beetle.

Despite having a lackluster campaign due to the strike, the Ángel Manuel Soto picture still managed to get people to theaters. Though, it did track behind previous films, performing below expectations, it’s still a feat for a movie based on a relatively unknown DC hero.

Despite this delay, though, Warner Bros. has stuck to its guns on keeping some of the established releases on schedule. Paul King’s Wonka, for example, isn’t budging from its December 15 theatrical release.

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