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The Incredible Hulk 2 could’ve been a thing

The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier spilled the beans that there were once plans for a sequel to the 2008 film. Following some distribution rights discussions with Universal, the Phase One film has only recently been added to Disney+.

Leterrier spoke with Comicbook, as part of his press tour for Fast X, where he revealed that the studio was going to make a sequel and it was going to include the likes of Grey Hulks and Red Hulks. A lot of the lore behind the hero has taken a backseat compared to his fellow Avengers, who often get either a lengthy movie going into detail after detail, or multiple films to set up the next. We only got more development of Hulk because of the much-maligned She-Hulk series.

He also touched on how far the hero has come from what he was intending when making the 2008 hero flick for Marvel. As with any hero-based news, it’s fascinating to know what would’ve happened if Hulk remained more in line with the comics and Leterrier had his way through-and-through. That said, it could’ve also been a huge detriment to the MCU as a whole as including Grey and Red Hulks would certainly make things more complex.

Instead, what we got was the Smart Hulk evolution fostered in Avengers: Endgame. He also concluded by carefully talking about how different the hulking hero has become since he brought him to the big screen. He likes She-Hulk and all, but doing yoga is certainly not a “Hulk” thing to do.

“But that was the fun of where I was in my movie, with the access to consciousness and all that stuff. That was really fun. And that’s what I was aiming to do. But take my time with it. Because there’s so many characters they want it all fast [laughs]. I like She-Hulk, but then you know, yoga between Hulk and… I was like ‘Okay! yeah, we’re very far from my Hulk.'” 

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