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Rick and Morty creator unveils new show’s release date


Dan Harman, the co-creator of the ever-popular ongoing adult animated sci-fi family comedy, Rick and Morty, has finally unveiled the release date for his new show, Krapopolis. The show was public knowledge since mid-2020.

The show takes on an adventure in a mythical ancient Greece full of humans, monsters, and gods all under the same roof trying to build up among the first cities. Despite its simplistic concept, it’s sure to be a smash-hit thanks to the charm that Harman often drops into his creations.

The show was initially slated to show off a preview episode in 2022 before launching in 2023, but was ultimately delayed into this year with September 24 being that very day. Instead of a preview episode, though, the Krapopolis team is gunning for a two-episode premiere.

Even though it hasn’t kicked off yet, it seems Fox has a lot of lofty ambitions for this series considering it’s already batting for three seasons with BoJack Horseman co-executive producer Jordan Young as the first season’s showrunner. After that, Harman went internal and swooped up Rick and Morty writer Alex Rubens as the second and third seasons’ showrunner.

Looking beyond the names attached, it’ll also mark Fox’s first dip into the blockchain and NFT market. The controversial NFT element will allow viewers to purchase Krap Chicken NFTs in order to influence the show’s direction. This isn’t required to watch it, though, something that other NFT-based cartoons often get wrong.

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