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Bob’s Burgers Season 14 premiere unveiled 

Bob's Burgers

As Fox hypes up its upcoming blockchain show from Dan Harman, the more traditional media finds some good news as well. Adult animated comedy Bob’s Burgers is premiering its next season later this year alongside new seasons of other massive Fox properties like The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Bob’s Burgers might be the new kid on the block compared to Family Guy’s 21 seasons or the grandaddy of them all — The Simpsons — with its staggering 34 and counting, but it did successfully steal the hearts of many animation lovers over the years since its premiere in early 2011.

The show grew into something of its own cultural hit that spawned not just the ongoing series but a film praised for its ability to stick with what made the show special — its witty humor. 

It even has an official book full of recipes for Bob’s punny burger specials. 

In case you wanna catch up with the Belcher family’s exploits, you can easily do so on Hulu, you can even watch the movie there, too.

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