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Harrison Ford confused by Indiana Jones costume

Indiana Jones

Seasoned actor Harrison Ford expressed his initial thoughts about the costume of famed adventurer Indiana Jones. Apparently, he was confused by a lot of the specific choices.

Ford took to a video interview with GQ (via Variety) to explain what has since become an iconic adventurer outfit. He found it bizarre that he was going into tropical jungles in a leather jacket, considering how warm it would be, it seemed impractical to do so. Meanwhile, another point of uncertainty was the whole whip thing, unsure why he’d need a whip and what he’d be whipping.

 “My questions about it were many. Why am I wearing a leather jacket in the jungle? Isn’t it hot here? Why am I carrying a whip? What am I going to do with a fucking whip? I’m going to whip people?”

In the end, obviously, Ford didn’t need too much convincing to don the iconic attire, agreeing to wear it all after the braintrust explained the outfit, with a focus on the hat, it being an “evocation of a time.” 

This interview comes as Ford reprises his role in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, a film that has been struggling to capture an audience willing to go to the theaters to watch it.

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