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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny finally breaks even

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny finally broke even after just over two weeks. While the film’s $302 million isn’t so bad, especially considering the lack of recent Indiana Jones content lately, it still just barely is a profit in the grand scheme of things.

Having hit theaters on June 30, Dial of Destiny managed to stay in first place in theaters for a while before being knocked down a peg, getting back up, and then knocked back down again.

In this fifth — and likely final — entry to the action-adventure franchise, we see an older Indiana Jones sulking about retiring from his professor job at Hunter College. He’s offered to go on one last big adventure before he retires. Using the Dial of Destiny, he’s able to travel through time.

According to Collider, the film had previously been trapped in the writing process before finally gaining some stream, only for it to be chopped down thanks to the world and industry halting pandemic. It was even set to be directed by Steven Speilberg at one point, but it fell through thanks to scheduling conflicts, leading to Ford v. Ferarri director James Mangold stepping in.

Dial of Destiny is an example of a film that could’ve worked without the $300 million lofty budget holding it back from becoming truly profitable. It’s not out of theaters just yet, but with how much ground it needs to cover, it’ll likely be far below what Lucasfilm anticipated it would bring in.

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