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Grinch slasher The Mean One gets a digital, physical release

The Mean One

Last year, XYZ Films’ The Mean One hit theaters. Now, the twisted Dr. Seuss adaptation is making its way to video-on-demand services later this year.

The Mean One stars Terrifier alumnus David Howard Thornton as “The Mean One” while stunt performer Krystle Martin takes the role of Cindy You-Know-Who. In the twisted adaptation, Cindy witnessed her mother murdered on Christmas by The Mean One donning a red santa suit as a child.

She and her father lived to see another day, but she was traumatized and left her hometown of Newville. After 20 years, her therapist recommended she return to the town to face her traumatic past. It becomes her sworn duty to put an end to The Mean One’s terror.

The Steven LaMorte-led film wasn’t very well-liked by critics and audiences weren’t too impressed either, clocking in at an abysmal 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the audience score standing at a middling 49%. That said, it does have the “cult hit” formula buried deep within, and its 612K box office is pretty impressive considering it was only shown at 162 theaters in early December.

Perhaps Deskpop Entertainment has the right idea by bringing this bizarre parody flick to VOD services on October 3. On the same date, the film will also be released to Blu-Ray and DVD on store shelves.

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