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Disheartening news drops about District 9 sequel

District 10

District 9 director-writer Neill Blomkamp has shared some disheartening news about District 9 sequel, District 10. The Elysium director’s 2009 release hit it big at the box office on release.

THR interviewed the filmmaker promoting his latest venture, Gran Turismo, the “based on a true story” underdog flick amplified by the successful PlayStation game franchise. During this interview, though, previous work was brought up, more particularly, District 9 and its potential sequel. Unfortunately, Blomkamp couldn’t make any promises that it would even happen.

“Yeah, they would be tied to it. I don’t know if it’s getting made or not. I don’t know if I even want to make that right now, but at some point down the line, it’ll probably get made.”

He would expect Sony to stay associated with it, as it seems the director has some good ins at the company, but at this time he isn’t sure he’d even want to make it, but he’s sure it’ll get made eventually. He did give some beacon of hope by agreeing with the interviewer, who asked if the success of Gran Turismo may sway things a bit in the film’s favor. He said it “makes sense.”

It seems that Blomkamp and the crew all have this will-they-won’t-they attitude when it comes to District 10, with a since-deleted X post laying out who are involved in the film’s script. Meanwhile, during a Comicbook interview last year, Sharlto Copley held hopeful of the film’s future.

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