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SAG-AFTRA strike doesn’t apply to video games

We’ve all heard about the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike going on, rocking the entertainment world to its near-core, outright putting a standstill on filming and production of notable Hollywood projects like Deadpool 3, The Sandman, and potentially Gladiator 2. Well, it turns out, should an actor look to the pixelated screen of video games, they’ll be fine.

According to an FAQ the union’s strike site, video games and commercials aren’t covered by the strike. As Polygon points out, work like Norman Reedus and Elle Fanning doing face and performance capture for Death Stranding 2 is under a different contract than the union’s contract.

Other works like commercials, audiobooks, game shows, talk shows, and music videos are all under different contracts. Members can also promote their work in those kinds of projects, giving them at least a little leeway. While mainstay conventions will no doubt have a weaker-than-normal news cycle, with 160K actors forced to sit out the con, game booths, FAQs, and panels are a greenlight.

San Diego Comic-Con will have a weaker showing for those interested in the big and small screen, but it won’t be entirely desolate. Game journo Greg Miller will be hosting a screening of the pilot episode of Twisted Metal, for example. Anthony Mackie, Will Arnett, and Stephanie Beatriz will all sit this out, though, as it would fall into promoting the TV show.

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