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Owen Wilson likens working on Haunted Mansion to The Haunting

Haunted Mansion

Starring actor Owen Wilson has likened his experience working on Haunted Mansion to 1999’s The Haunting. The film just hit theaters yesterday, following a premiere earlier this month with Disney characters walking the Red Carpet, and is projected to make a middling $25-$30 million, though others expect it to be closer to $20 million due to recent trends of underperformance at the box office for many major films.

Speaking with Comicbook, they talked about the film and how he’d probably have a better fate than his character in The Haunting, joking that he won’t get his head cut off, though Wilson jokes to be careful with assumptions.

“Yeah. I don’t want to give too much away. But yeah, it was nice to sort of get a chance after experiencing that genre with that movie, to now get a chance to try to make it through the whole story … To live. Please, root for me.” 

The publication discussed the setting of the film, that being New Orleans, which meant the cast actually spent some time in the city. While Wilson has visited it before, it wasn’t any more than a day at a time, meaning he never really got to get a full picture as to why people enjoy the city as much as they do.

After spending more time there, though, it clicked. He also expressed that he does, in fact, believe in ghosts now, as opposed to his original answer, which was akin to wanting to, but never experiencing it.

Alongside Wilson, we also have actors like Danny DeVito, Rosio Dawson, Jamie Lee Curtis, and more in the main cast. There’s also the possibility this won’t be the last we’ll see of the franchise, though.

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