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New Peanuts movie not out of the realm of possibility


We’re nearing a decade since Peanuts, the iconic Charles M. Schulz comic, made the giant leap to the big screen, almost instantly becoming a holiday staple in the ’60s and ’70s, and a film in the ’80s. Since then, it’s had a 2015 well-loved computer animated flick alongside a number of spin-offs, including ones that are still around to this day. Well, Craig Schulz, son of the comic creator, has offered some hopeful news for those wanting to see another movie.

Speaking with ScreenRant to commemorate the upcoming Apple TV+ special, Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie, they talked about the special and touched on the potential cinematic future of Charlie Brown and co. Craig joked about secretive spy tactics before noting that nothing is off the table. He also seems to want a new film, which makes sense, there’s a lot that the franchise’s universe can offer.

The younger Schulz isn’t the only one who would like to see a sequel, Charles’ widowed wife Jean also was receptive of a sequel film, but was clear that she didn’t want it rushed. Considering the original movie was eight years in the making — and the style definitely shows — we could be looking at a long wait if it ever comes back to the big screen.

What’s more, unless 20th Century Animation wants to step up and be the main animation studio, a new studio has to be selected, as the original was done by the now-defunct Blue Sky Studios.

“I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you. [Laughs] Nothing is off the table, we’re always exploring different ideas and different things in this co-view series that we’ve done, which touched upon the environment, the love for teachers, Mother’s Day, and how it interacts with enough people. All those subjects are just really fun, and as you know, the Peanuts universe is sort of endless. There are so many great characters to work with, there’s so many great themes to work with that we explore everything, and I don’t know that a movie is off the table. I would like to see one come back, but keep your fingers crossed, we will see.

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